Learn Spanish in the Canary Islands

Study Spanish in the Canary Islands

Canary IslandsGalfir is located in Tenerife (one of the seven beautiful Canary Islands), known as the “Island of Spring” thanks to its temperate year-round temperatures. In addition to Spanish courses, Galfir offers students a quality year-round program of cultural, social and sporting activities. If you are looking to study Spanish in another location in Spain we can recommend the Spanish schools in Spain - AASS or if you just want to Learn Spanish at a very basic level before your vacation in Canarias take a look at the this link. See also The Spanish Course where you can find further information about Spanish courses.

Spanish Courses at Galfir Spanish School

Our courses are designed to fit a wide range of needs. They include: Intensive Courses, Combined Courses, Individual Lessons, Spanish for Academic Purposes, and our DELE Preparation Course. Check our Spanish Courses page for a full listing of courses.

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How do you want lo learn Spanish?Combined courses

Looking for variety? Want to go home with something more than just Spanish? Try one of our colorful combined courses, such as the fun and popular Spanish & Salsa course.

It's up to you

How do you want lo learn Spanish?How you learn Spanish at Galfir is truly up to you. You can combine an Intensive Course with Individual Lessons, take one of our always-entertaining Combined Courses, or enjoy a studying vacation with our Part-Time Course

Spanish Courses in Tenerife Price ListCheck out our Prices page to see the excellent rates on offer this year.